Divorced. Catholic. Now What? Book


This is the book that has helped thousands of Catholics worldwide recover from divorce.



Divorced. Catholic. Now What? has helped thousands of Catholics worldwide navigate life after divorce. This 246-page book is written to address the core challenges every Catholic experiences with divorce from the perspective of their Catholic faith. Living the Catholic faith is the key to recovering from divorce. Divorced. Catholic. Now What? shows you how.

Includes these chapters:

Chapter 1: Praying During Times of Distress

Chapter 2: Anger with Our Spouses, Ourselves, and God

Chapter 3: Why Did God Allow This to Happen?

Chapter 4: What Does the Church Really Teach About Divorce?

Chapter 5: What is an Annulment?

Chapter 6: Stay Close to the Sacraments

Chapter 7: Dealing with the Ex-Spouse

Chapter 8: How are the Children?

Chapter 9: The Healing Begins

Chapter 10: Our Own Self-Worth

Chapter 11: The Value of Suffering

Chapter 12: Letting Go

Chapter 13: Working on Forgiveness

Chapter 14: Gratitude

Chapter 15: Sex and Dating as a Divorced Catholic

Chapter 16: Mary, Our Mother

Chapter 17: Hope for the Future and Our Vocation in Life

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