How to Use the Divorced Catholic Forum

The Forum on is an extremely valuable resource. It allows for two way communication with other divorced Catholics. We highly encourage you to use it. Here's how:

Reading Forum Postings:
Anyone can read the posting to the forums. Simply enter the forum, select the Recent Discussions tab and click on the postings that interest you.

Replying to an Existing Forum Posting:
To reply to an existing posting, login in. When you login, and enter the forum, you will see three different options: QUICK REPLY, REPLY, and QUOTE.

Select the QUICK REPLY option to quickly post a comment.
Select the REPLY option to have more advanced editing tools for creating a comment.
Select the QUOTE option to include part of the existing posting in your reply.

Creating a New Forum Posting:
To create a new forum posting, select the NEW THREAD option. This will allow you to create your own posting.


Please keep in mind that all posting are subject to the approval of reserves the right to edit or reject any forum posting.


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