5 Secrets for Getting Through a Bad Day - Lisa Duffy

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Mother Teresa reminded us while she was alive that if we have not suffered incredibly we haven't really loved, because to love is to suffer. If you are suffering now because of your divorce, you know these words to be true. And no doubt, you know only too well what having a "bad day" means.

Bad days characteristically just come out of nowhere and hit like a semi truck without warning. For some people, they are completely debilitating and make everyday life difficult, if not impossible to live through.

Losing a loved one is difficult to cope with and when that is compounded by betrayals, nastiness, and deceit, it is only natural that your heart will need a lot of TLC. We are not stone cold beings, but flesh and blood, with a heart created expressly for love... it's the human condition and Christ himself lived this, too, especially during His passion and death. You can count on the fact that He understands you and is very close to you as you suffer.

Turning Shame Into Joy - by guest writer Yvonne Marchese

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My father left my mother and our family two days before my high school graduation. He was having an affair with his first cousin and apparently, everyone knew - everyone except us, of course. It was pretty embarrassing for us. The day of my graduation, while walking through the parking lot on my way into the church, I saw lifelong family friends coming towards me. Just as I started to acknowledge them, I became acutely aware that they intended to walk right by me - staring straight ahead as if I wasn't there. At that moment, embarrassment turned to shame.

Shame:  A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace.

Coming Out of The Darkness of Divorce

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At any given time, everyone has some aspect of their life that could be described as a “darkness”. It could be a physical darkness due to an illness with yourself or a loved one. It could be a financial darkness due to the loss of a job. It could be an emotional darkness due to a divorce. Whatever your darkness is, it is sure to create a lot of fear and anxiety.

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