Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the Truth of our Catholic faith to as many separated or divorced Catholics as possible and help them understand that this faith, given to us by Jesus Christ, is the pathway to hope, healing, and renewal. We will help guide them down this path by providing resources to help them learn and live their faith more fully.

Information and Answers

To fullfill our mission, we provide you with programs, information, and resources, to better understand and more fully live your Catholic faith. You will find the ground-breaking book, Divorced. Catholic. Now What?, and its companion workbook, a variety of blog articles, podcasts, and workshops.  These resources are designed to give you knowledge about what the Catholic Church teaches about divorce, and fresh insights into applying and living the Catholic faith.

Encouragement and Support

To help encourage you and support you, we offer the Journey of Hope program, the on-line forum, and the Daily Inspirations. The Journey of Hope program, both at the parish level and on-line, will help you more fully understand and live your Catholic faith. The on-line forum allows you to communicate with other divorced and separated Catholics to share your questions, insights, struggles, and triumphs. The Daily Inspirations are delivered right to your inbox to give you a daily boost of inspiration and encouragement.

Hope and Healing

Christ gave us the Catholic faith. Living this faith, through prayer, the Mass and the Sacraments, more fully leads to increased hope and emotional healing. We desire to walk with you and help you gain fresh insights and understanding about your faith and encourage you to embrace it and live it. 

Giving Back

We know all too well the devastating emotional pain of divorce. We have lived it ourselves. It is our own personal journey through this pain and despair, to embracing and living our Catholic faith, and to arriving at a place of healing, renewed hope, and abundant peace, that calls us to help others. For this reason 100% of our profits are donated to help separated or divorced Catholics and their children. We offer a variety of need-based discounts and scholarships to make sure that every separated or divorced Catholic can have access to the vital information and resources we provide.


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