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Overcome Divorce. Regain Hope.

The Program

Journey of Hope is a 13-week support program to help Catholics recover from the emotional pain of divorce or separation and to regain hope. With its uniquely Catholic prospective, Journey of Hope addresses the key challenges brought on by divorce and leads participants down the path to recovery by helping them more fully understand and live their faith. The result is a rediscovery of the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic faith, and a deep connection to Jesus Christ, the great healer and restorer of hope. Journey of Hope is being facilitated in parishes throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribean.

What You Can Expect

Journey of Hope participants experience real healing and renewal of hope in their lives. After completing the program, each participant is deeply enlightened on the Truth of their Catholic faith and comes away with a clearer understanding of how to live it more fully to tackle life after divorce. Instead of it being a theory, or theology, their faith now becomes a vibrant, fundamental framework for their lives. The healing and renewal that starts during the program continues for their lifetime.


The book, Divorced. Catholic. Now What? , the companion workbook, and the DVD, Voices of Hope, are the core materials used for the program.  Groups meet weekly to review that week's topic, view the appropriate segment from the DVD, and share thoughts from the discussion questions.



The 13-week program covers these topics:

Week 1: Why Did God Allow This to Happen?
Week 2: Anger with Our Spouses, Ourselves, and God
Week 3: Praying in Times of Distress
Week 4: What Does the Church Really Teach about Divorce?
Week 5: What is an Annulment?
Week 6: Dealing with the Ex-Spouse
Week 7: Helping Children Cope
Week 8: The Healing Begins
Week 9: Our Own Self-Worth
Week 10: The Value of Suffering
Week 11: Letting Go and Working on Forgiveness
Week 12: Dating and Intimacy as a Divorced Catholic
Week 13: Gratitude and Hope for the Future

Feedback from Participants

"I definitely found hope for my future. I learned to trust God. I think the program is excellent and it addressed each issue I was concerned about." – Jim, married 9 years.

"This program helped me build confidence that life will go on and hope that it will be better, more than I can express in these lines. I have practiced what was suggested and found great comfort and healing. I started praying the rosary as a reminder to forgive and to pray for healing. It is a wonderful program and I thank you." – Ann, married 14 years.

"This is an excellent program; I don't know what I would have done without it. I have definitely moved forward and I believe I trust more that there is a place for me in the Church and that I haven't been abandoned by God." – Gianna, married 4 years.

"This is a wonderful program for people that have reached certain stages in the divorce process. This is a journey of hope! I know the inner peace I feel now is due to the program and the prayers of others." – Jerolyn, married 38 years.

"I love this program! It has helped me to find strength. Each week of this program was a stepping stone for me. Every aspect of this program was carefully planned and was so instrumental to my healing process." – Therese, married 22 years.

"The session on anger helped me to confront this right from the beginning and the session on the children was so important because this is the most difficult thing about my situation. However, I benefitted immeasurably from every session. The program allowed me to work through layers of feelings. It has reinforced my understanding that He loves me, He has a plan for me, that this suffering is for my sanctification, and the Church is here to support me." – Skotti, married 12 years.

"My faith lately has been in a constant state of growth and Journey of Hope has been a big part of that. It is very effective and people need this kind of support through the Church. So healing!" – Diane, married 24 years.

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