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Journey of Hope

For Catholics experiencing separation or divorce

Journey of Hope is a special 17-week program addressing concerns of divorced / separated Catholics. It offers support and addresses important issues that arise as a result of a divorce. The strong emphasis on prayer, scripture and Church teachings leads to healing and a better relationship with Christ.

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You can take this course online in the privacy of your own home

Hundreds of men and women have already experienced the peace and healing they were looking for by using the Journey of Hope program. This online course is perfect for people who cannot attend a parish group due to work/travel/childcare issues, or prefer to have private sessions instead of sharing in a group. Each of the 17 sessions consists of the following:

  • A chapter from Divorced. Catholic. Now What? to read and help you through a particular issue
  • A video segment from the Voices of Hope DVD on the same issue
  • Reflection questions, resolutions, and journaling from the corresponding chapter of the Workbook
  • The opportunity to ask questions and receive support via email

How Do I Deal with my Anger?
Can I Receive the Sacraments?
What Does the Church Say About Divorce?
Do I Have to Forgive?
How Do I Deal with My Children?
Do I Need to Let Go?
Why Does God Allow Divorce?
What Is an Annulment?
Am I Still A Loveable Person?
Will Dating Help Me Heal?
Suffering Has Meaning?
and many other important issues

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An abusive childhood led to a painful, destructive marriage. While taking my first feeble steps alone, Journey of Hope gave me the confidence to hold tight to my faith and learn to walk with Jesus and His Mother beside me. I am forever grateful for this work of mercy and grace for those of us who find ourselves shaken to the core by divorce. - Patty
I knew as soon as I attended the first session that this group was for me. I have certainly felt peace after attending these sessions. - Kathy, married 30 years.
Divorce is the most painful thing to go through. I lost a parent, lost a brother and I can honestly say that this divorce was more heartbreaking. This program felt like my faith wrapped wings of peace, forgiveness and hope around me. - Peg, married 10 years.
This program turned anger into calm; turmoil into peace of mind. I recommend it to any man who has gone through a divorce. - Jim, married 5 years.
The program is outstanding. I feel I’ve made life-long friends in this program that I can have fun with, laugh with and cry with, and depend on for help in ‘getting through it all. - Elaine, married 36 years.
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